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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that these FAQs are geared toward football athletes. Please see specific links for cheer FAQs. 

Do I have to buy equipment for my child?

TACKLE FOOTBALL: No. All required equipment is provided. Exceptions are outlined below:

  • Cleats
    • Turf appropriate cleats. No metal spikes are allowed on cleats.
  • A mouthguard
    • These can be purchased for as little as $5.99 from a sporting goods store.
    • Mouthguards cannot be clear or have decoration (shark teeth, fangs, etc.) for games
    • Decorative mouth guards can be worn during practice, but officials have interpreted decorative mouth guards as a sportsmanship issue therefore it is recommended to avoid them.
  • Game day socks 
    • Most coaches like to coordinate tall, matching, socks in Gresham colors. These are worn on game days. Coaches will share their preference at the first practice, allowing several weeks to make purchases. The socks are typically either solid blue or black and can be purchased anywhere.
    • October is breast cancer awareness month. Some teams opt to wear pink socks during the month of October. This is optional and generally coordinated by the Team Mom.
  • Water bottle
    • Athletes need water at all practices and games.

What is the time commitment for players and parents?

Compared to most other youth sports, a lot! 

  • There are up to ten hours of practice per week before Labor Day weekend starting July 31st of this season, dropping to six hours per week after Labor Day usually from 5:30-7:30pm. 
  • Game days are on Saturdays from 10am-6pm for 8 weeks, then 1-2 weeks of playoffs if you qualify.

How often is practice?

  • Practice schedules are set by coaches
  • Practices are typically 2.5 hours with 30 minutes (minimum) calculated for water breaks
  • Practices cannot exceed 2.5 hours per day (3 hours scheduled to allow water breaks) and 10 hours total per week before Labor Day
  • Only 6 hours total per week after Labor Day

What should kids wear to practice?

  • Practice gear is determined by coaches based on practice plan, but helmet & shorts are a minimum.
  • Players should always bring all gear to practice unless otherwise advised by coaching staff
  • Always bring water. Do not send your athlete to anything without water

Do I need to stay at practice with my child?

  • We always encourage parents to stay with their kids, especially at the younger ages. At a minimum, you should communicate with the coach and ensure your child is checked in for practice if you’re going to leave.
    • Coaches are volunteers. Please be prompt and respectful of their time during pickup and drop-off.

When are games?

  •  Games are Saturday’s starting around September 7th

How long do games last?

  • Games are scheduled for 2 hours. They occasionally run longer, and the start may be delayed by a proceeding game
  • Rookie Tackle typically runs 1.5 hours

Can I stand on the sideline to watch the game?

  • No. Sidelines should be clear of parents/guests. Unless you are volunteering, you should not be on the sidelines.

What happens in the rain?

  • We play football. Rain or shine, these kids suit up and hit the field.
    • Only lightning and/or air quality will cancel a game
  • We play rain or shine

Can athletes wear rain gear?

Not really. They can wear the following:

  • Compression shirts under their gear. Must be Gresham colors. Check with your coach on specifics.
  • Compression socks
  • Football gloves

Can I buy spirit gear?

  • Yes, you can order GYFA items online.
  • You can access gear on our site, using the “Fan Gear” link

Does GYFA have a flag program?

  • We currently do not have a flag program for 2022 season. We encourage you to try YMCA or i9.

What are the weight limits for running the ball?

  • 105 lbs for Rookie tackle
  • 130 lbs for 5/6 blend
  • 150 lbs for JV (7th)  
  • 165 lbs for blend 7/8th grade team 
  • 175 lbs for Varsity (8th) 

What’s a Team Mom?

  • A Team Mom is a key part of the team. They act as the liaison for the team and the coach. They are responsible for collecting all fundraising packets, coordinating concession schedules, setting up the end of season party, touchdown bucket, etc.… 

What's a touchdown bucket?

  • A Touchdown bucket is passed around during games to celebrate a great play, typically a touchdown or other scoring play. Fans put money in a bucket that gets passed around. The money is used to pay for an end of season party.

What is the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS)?

  • The NFHS is the authoritative body for the rules used by the MHC.  For more information, see the NFHS website.

Who can participate?

  • Any child entering grades 3rd through 8th in Fall of 2018 who lives in, or attends East/West/North Gresham, Hollydale, Highland and Hogan Cedars grade schools, are private or homeschooled, in the GHS boundaries, as defined by the Gresham-Barlow School District attendance area.

What if I'm outside of Gresham High School boundaries?

  • If you live in any area that is not served by a Mt. Hood Conference (MHC) association, you would be more then welcome in GYFA!  Please go to the MHC website to find if a MHC association is in your high school area.  Boundary and transfer waivers can be applied for via association and division presidents.

Can girls play?

  • Yes! We have had multiple girls play over the years including long time players who have gone on to play in High School!

I have a medical condition or disability.  Can I still play?

  • Probably, if your doctor is willing to sign your medical release and you are willing to work hard and play your best, you can generally have a positive football experience.

Do I have to start playing in the 3rd grade?

  • No.  We have successful first-time players at every grade level.
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