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Gresham Youth Cheer


We are a recreational cheer program open to the youths of Gresham to cheer on various youth sports in the community. We offer both a sideline only program and a sideline/competition team.

We are no longer affiliated with GYFA and are in the process of becoming our own entity to bring you our own website


WE ARE LOOKING FOR COACH VOLUNTEERS - please email Program Director for more info and application

Thank you so much for your support to Gresham Youth Cheer and we look forward to hopefully seeing everyone soon. 


Program Director/Head Coach Ashley Spencer:

A full-time working mom of a high schooler, she dedicates 365/24/7 to this program and ensures that her coaches, athletes and parents are getting the best cheer experience. She was a dancer and it is still her passion, as well as her daughter has been dancing and cheering for 13 years. She has always been a team mom for anything her daughter has done.  

Coach Kylee Hamilton:

She is a GHS graduate and has been cheering for over 7 years and is a GHS Cheer alumi. When she's not coaching cheer she works as a certified medical assistant in an allergy clinic. Kylee is entering her 3rd year with GYC.

Coach Jess Eichhorn:

She is a single mom of three girls with one in college, one graduated and one in elementary school. She works full-time with the public community assisting families. She cheered for 2 years in high school and it has been a dream of hers to become a coach. She is pleased to join the team and be a good role model for the athletes. 


Athlete Liaison Alli S:

She will be building up her new role while she attends high school. She is active within her school and community. She was in the program from the start and graduated out to cheer and dance for her high school, she is also on Leadership at GHS. 


Coach Trainees are high school students who volunteer their time to learn how to coach youths. 

2021/2022: Lauren and Mikayla


Jr Cheer Coaches are GYC athletes who are 7th and 8th graders and have had at least one season. These athletes help coaches when teaching new cheers and chants and must demonstrate being a role model.

2021/2022: Giselle, Dalilah, Evelyn, Lilyana, Gabby, Ariana and Ellie

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the registration fee cover?

    The Sideline registration fee is built to cover the registration/league fees, insurance, location fee, OCCA fee, coach training, and any other fees incurred in the season. 

    The Sideline/Competition registration fee is built to cover the registration/league fees, insurance, location fee, OCCA fee, coach training, competition gear, competition, music, competition bow, choreography, and any other fees incurred in the season.

    Tumbling fee covers the cost of tumbling at Empire Athletics: 3 months for Sideline Only and 6 months for Sideline/Competition.

    When is tumbling and how long? Why do we have this?

    Tumbling will be on its own practice day (typically a Friday), which will be one hour at Empire Athletics located in Portland on Airport Way (they are an all star cheer facility). We utilize their coaches and space to ensure ALL athletes are progressing as a cheerleader. Tumbling is a major part of cheer and we like to see our athletes grow these skills throughout the season. We also utilize this time for stunting purposes. 

    Is the uniform included in these fees?

    No, the uniform is a separate cost and will be paid to Trend Letters Cheer through their payment portal. The uniform package cost will be roughly $300 and will include: skirt, capris, shell, practice shirt, poms, bow, jacket (unless you are returning and don't need) and shoes.  The uniform will be custom fit to each cheerleader and roughly takes about 6-8 weeks to make. The fitting will be scheduled for June 2022 with payment due within a week of the fitting. 

    Where will practice be held and what days and times?

    Practices are currently scheduled for Monday and Tuesday 5:30 to 7:30pm, location varies based on weather while we work with the guidelines of the school and county. Sideline will be once a week and Competition has an additional practice day. 

    How can I have help with the cost of the program?

    We strive to make the cost as low as possible and offer payment plans through our registration system. The earlier you register the more cost effective it is as you will have more months to pay. We offer a Uniform Fundraiser to help with the cost of the uniform that starts at the First Parent Meeting. We are always willing to work with families and have limited funds to offer a scholarship (first come basis – please inquiry).

    Can a parent help?

    Of course, we are always looking for Team Parents to help out at the games, events and End of Season Party. If interested please contact the Program Director for more information.

    When are football games? When are basketball games? When are competitions?

    MHFL sets the schedule for GYFA and from there the coaches workout a schedule to ensure as many games as possible are covered. Games typically start the first weekend of September on Saturday ranging from 8am to 6pm.

    GYB is also in a league and their schedule comes out in December – since basketball tends to have more games we do not squad out athletes we just spend a day at one location performing half-time routines at each game, if possible.

    Competition schedule is set by the OCCA which comes out in August – once the schedule is out coaches will look ahead and start planning what competitions are best suited to the competition team – season starts in January, schedule will be released in October. We will attend Oregon Elite and OCCA Championships in February as our “state” competitions.

    What is OCCA?

    OCCA stands for Oregon Cheerleading Coaches Association. The OCCA provides education to our coaches, promotes safety and regulations throughout all of Oregon not only for Recreational cheer, but for the High Schools too. They are a resource we rely on to ensure that our athletes are getting the best out of this program so if they choose to go on and cheer in high school it will be the same. Coaches attend a conference yearly to keep up on training and education.

    Are coaches certified?

    Yes, ALL coaches are certified and could easily be high school coaches. The Program Director made it her mission to ensure that athletes were a number one priority and to do that meant that all coaches MUST be background checked and certified. They are also CPR/First Aid certified.

    Certificates are obtained through extensive training and tests from NFHS (National Federation of State High School Association). GYC Coaches are required to maintain these certifications and renew annually. 

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234 N Main Ave
Gresham, Oregon 97030

(503) 912-1577

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GYC is looking for Sponsors to help support our 2020/2021 Season - if interested please reach out to Program Director. 

Silver Sponsor - $400

White Sponsor - $200 

Blue Sponsor - $75



Pending basketball season approval

Winter Break - 12/20/2021 through 1/2/2022

1st competition - 1/8/2022 @ Lake Oswego High

2022/2023 Registration to open in March

2021/2022 GYC Coaches (from left to right): Kylee, Ashley, and Jess

Ashley Spencer

Ashley Spencer

Program Director/Head Coach

Phone: 5035160094

Kylee Hamilton

Kylee Hamilton


Jess Eichhorn

Jess Eichhorn


(Left to Right) Athlete Liaison: Alli and Coach Trainees: Mikayla and Lauren

Jr Coaches: (top left to right) Dalilah and Giselle, (middle left to right) Lilyana, Evelyn and Ariana, (bottom left to right) Ellie and Gabrielle